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They say bad things happen come in threes but lately feels like they have been happening by the dozen! 

Do you find yourself feeling?​

  • Heavy and tired

  • Feeling "less than" or that you must be doing something wrong in your life

  • Spending too much time thinking about things that you cannot change 

  • Easily frustrated by roadblocks 

  • Unaccomplished because you keep putting important things off..."I'll do it tomorrow"

  • Guilty and ashamed 

Do you wake up asking yourself?

  • Adulting again? No, thanks not today....Netflix please!

  • How am I going to get things done today?

  • What is going to go wrong today?

  • What am I supposed to be doing next? THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH TO DO!

  • Why can't I just's my day off darn it! 


Sometimes things get rocky in our relationships when we feel sad or scared. So you don't talk about your feelings because.... 

  • You overthinking 

  • You shut down and run away

  • You cry a lot 

  • You get angry and snap at others too quickly 

  • You hold things in until you EXPLODE!  

  • You are have a hard time believing that people really care about you

  • You don't want to burden your family and friends with your problems...Why even bother...things will just end up in a fight anyway!

Parallel Lines

How wonderful would it be to approach each day....

  • Feeling READY and CONFIDENT

  • Having steady energy and drive 

  • Enjoying the simple things like a walk into the sunshine or our morning cup of Joe

  • Trusting that you can handle your own problems  


  • Feeling that you can EXPRESS YOUR LOVE for those you care about 

  • Say what you want to say when you need to say it

Veronica Correa Perin, Ph.D PSY 28565

Licensed Psychologist 

Serving the California Bay Area, Central Valley, and Southern California 

What if you could enjoy energy pulsing through your body and your heart race out of excitement BECAUSE YOU ARE EXCITED ABOUT YOUR LIFE!
In our work together, you'll come to understand both your vulernabilitites..and your strengths...because we don't want to get rid of what is working right?! 
I believe therapy should be about loving AND being HAPPY with  yourself while leaving room for actual change.
I am not the type of therapist who will: 

  • Overlook all of your positive qualities 

  • Only tell you what you need to change about yourself

  • Smile and nod and say "mmm hmmm" all through the session without giving you the time to talk about WHAT MATTERS TO YOU!

We will work together to understand your habits and beliefs that stuck with you...either starting in your childhood or later in life THAT HAVE LED TO PROBLEMS. Sharing your story with me can help you find new ways to deal with challenges you are having with the world, relationships or yourself. 
Given my 9 years of experience medical setting, I can help you to  teach your body and brain other approaches to what you are doing now that haven't been working. 
If the appointment times available online are not convenient for you, please call or e-mail me and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule. 



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