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Can Therapy Help Me After a Breakup?

Veronica Correa Perin, Ph.D PSY 28565

Going through a breakup is one of the most painful experiences. Clients tell me they feel as though they can't move on, doubt that they will find another partner, and find that they just cannot "get out of the funk". It may be comforting to know that in this moment, there are thousands of people who are going through a break up and have these emotions. Many have sought therapy as a way to deal with their feelings so they can get back to feeling normal again. Below, I will share how therapy can be helpful in your process of healing and moving on from a breakup.

Coping With Your Emotions

When a relationship ends, your emotions can be all over the place. You might feel sad, angry, confused, or even anxious about finding someone new. It doesn't matter if you were the one who ended the relationship, your partner ended it, or it was a shared decision...this transition can hurt. Even if you have friends and family to talk to, you might start to feel like you are burdening them with your breakup. Therapy gives us the time to actually sit with and FEEL OUR FEELINGS. A good therapist can help you to examine the complexities of your emotions and FIND WAYS to deal with them.

Working Towards Acceptance

When our relationships end in a way that is chaotic and ugly, we can feel like we need closure. Talking to a therapist can help you to address unanswered questions or unresolved issues in the relationship. Therapy is a process that can help you understand any missed "red flags", what you could have done differently, and what you learned from the relationship. As a result, you can move on with your life with a better understanding of what a healthy relationship is.

Bounce Back Even Stronger

Separations from those we care deeply about can be devastating. At the time time, it can also prompt us to reflect about ourselves more deeply. With the right tools from your therapist, you can cope with a break up by thinking of it as a setback instead of a catastrophe. Therapy is a way to explore your strengths, examine your negative thoughts, and build strategies to help you manage problems in your relationship. With therapy, YOU CAN BECOME A STRONGER HUMAN BEING.

Prevent From Making The Same Mistakes Again

Therapy can help you avoid falling into the same relationship patterns again and again. Learning about your behavior and issues that led to the ending of your last relationship is a great way to make meaning out of the separation. You may not be aware of your triggers. Therapists are trained to help you to identify them and how to manage your thoughts and feelings in these difficult moments. These skills can help you to communicate more effectively and choose a partner who is a good match.

Overall, therapy can be very helpful going through a breakup. Your therapist can help you cope with your emotions, gain a sense of closure, tap into your resilience, and improve your future relationships. Whether you have recently gone through a relationship or it has been awhile and you are struggling, it is worth consulting with a therapist for support. You don't have to struggle with these feelings alone.

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